Chronicles of Ptolus

The 27th of Yearsend, 721 AE

After escaping the Necropolis (and a deadly disease), the heroes went their separate ways, some being hailed by messengers.

After deciding the morning of the 27th that they believed Zachean would be in the Dark Reliquary, the party raided the Reliquary, but only could make it in a small ways, and even then, were confronted with strange horrors like gymnastic demons and wild shadows and spectres. Noah even perhaps got a little too in the spirit of the place when he seemed possessed by a magical chessboard, though afterwards he assured the group he was fine.

After failing to find Zachean in the Reliquary, the group descended to Dwarvenhearth. After not making any friends at Kaled Del, they opened the great Geared Door, which had been sealed for centuries. Making their way through the Stonelost Shrine, they discovered the true tomb of King Stardelve (after many false tombs), and recovered the Platinum Cestus – an ancient Dwarven artifact.

Chronicle up to 26th of Yearsend

On the 26th of Yearsend, 721 AE

After being arrested on sight for dragging a dead body through the street, Nostromo Erthuo faced the King’s Stone with charges of murder and the use of psychic magic. As is custom for Ptolus nobles, he absolved the matter of his guilt in trial by combat, presided over by the head of House Sadar, Renn Sadar.

Nostromo defeated the firebird and proved his innocence, but at that moment a group of plague-infested monsters and miscreants barged in, kidnapping Nostromo and escaping. After reuniting with a finally-sober Toak, they took off on horses to chase down the escaping plague airship. After Toak and Noah successfully deflated the airship enough to sink it to ground level, the party boarded the airship (excepting Toak) and fought their way to the main cabin.

Nostromo, imprisoned and tortured, was released from his cage and his monstrous jailmaster, but the airship crashed into the Necropolis. The resulting explosion of filth infected the party with devastating sickness. Sprinting away from a horde of Forsaken, the party convinced the Watch to let them out of the Necropolis and into safety.

On the 25th of Yearsend, 721 AE

The intrepid group of friends: Thorval Beartower, Nostromo Erthuo, Nellus, Noah, and Toak gathered to investigate the Shadow Tower of Kadmiel in Oldtown, looking for a mysterious figure known to them as Thurvan – a man corrupted by shadow. After establishing that, in fact, Thorval no longer has mummy rot, they went to where they saw a mysterious shadow earlier.

After Nellus transported them into the Shadow Realm, the group encountered a group of shadow fighters but dispatched them easily. After ascending through a mysterious shadow landscape, they found Thurvan waiting. Miraculously, they talked him down from a fight and managed to redeem him, coming into the possession of a mysterious box of shadows.

After returning Thurvan to some grateful friends at the Ghostly Minstrel, they relaxed and Danbury’s and a workman’s dwarven bar. After Toak had a little too much to drink (and perhaps a little too much on his bar tab), they sold their loot and pondered their next move.

On the 23rd of Yearsend, 721 AE:

Thorval Beartower and Nostromo Erthuo travelled through the city of Ptolus, searching for clues as to the location and method of entry to the ancient Dwarven stronghold of Dwarvenhearth. After visiting Danbury’s, the Sage’s Guild, the Delver’s Guild, The Keepers of the Veil, the Knights of the Pale, and the Ghostly Minstrel, they learned that a dark elf vampire allied with the Forsaken may have already gained entry, and left to search for him in the Necropolis – only to be repelled by a massive set of black stone doors.


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