Chronicles of Ptolus

The 27th of Yearsend, 721 AE

After escaping the Necropolis (and a deadly disease), the heroes went their separate ways, some being hailed by messengers.

After deciding the morning of the 27th that they believed Zachean would be in the Dark Reliquary, the party raided the Reliquary, but only could make it in a small ways, and even then, were confronted with strange horrors like gymnastic demons and wild shadows and spectres. Noah even perhaps got a little too in the spirit of the place when he seemed possessed by a magical chessboard, though afterwards he assured the group he was fine.

After failing to find Zachean in the Reliquary, the group descended to Dwarvenhearth. After not making any friends at Kaled Del, they opened the great Geared Door, which had been sealed for centuries. Making their way through the Stonelost Shrine, they discovered the true tomb of King Stardelve (after many false tombs), and recovered the Platinum Cestus – an ancient Dwarven artifact.



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